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A Dad Should…

ID-10029129I asked my kids recently to come up with a top ten list of things they think a good dad should be doing. My kids are 13, 10 and 3. This is the great wisdom I received in no particular order:

A Dad Should:

1. Love us.

2. Love our mom only. (I think this comes from their understanding of the 7th commandment)

3. Make money for us. (This sounds like my very mature 13 year old daughter. I think this can be rephrased into take care of our financial needs)

4. Wrestle with me. (From my 3 year old son I bet)

5. Love Jesus.

6. Spend lots of time with us.

7. Don’t get divorced. (Unfortunately they have many friends with divorced parents, kids worry about this these days, see #2.)

8. Go camping and fishing with us. (We go regularly)

9. Help us on our homework. (Algebra revisited, I am back in school with them.)

10. Write letters to us. (I write letters to them on special events and randomly, they love it and I recommend doing it)

What I got out ot of this list is they want us dads to love God, love our families and spend time with them. Something any dad can easily do but sometimes we lose site of what our family really needs from us dads. I will try to remember these things as I continue on my journey of being a dad.


Image courtesy of Vlado at FreeDigitalPhotos.net