Thanks for ALL that Serve!

ID-100204763Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodsteam.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. ~ Ronald Reagan

Veterans Day is a great day to honor the people we know that did serve in America’s armed forces.  They have sacrificed time with friends, family and even spouses to frankly, keep this country free from tyranny in many forms.  I hope that you thank a veteran today if you know any.

There are families and friends of service members that should be thanked as well.  Children that grow up with a service member parent need our thanks.  Spouses of service members need our thanks.  They need thanks for the time spent away from the people they love and sometimes  dealing with the toll on the service member once they return.

I also want to thank all citizens that work hard, obey our laws and teach our younger generations about what it is to be free.  These things are also serving our country in a real way.  Our teachers that dedicate their lives to teaching all our youth are serving our country well.  Freedom can only be had by an educated and civil people.  Our ethical business people who work hard to keep our capitalistic system going and strong contribute to our freedom as well. An economically unstable or uncertain economy can threaten our national sovereignty.

There will be some that will choose today to rant about how our country is and has not been at its best.  Oppressing certain people while hypocritically advancing values of freedom for all.  I agree America has not lived up to its values all the time.  But, only in a free and capitalistic society can these things change for the better and they have over the years.  Free people protesting the government and society on its violations against freedom and causing change is much of America’s history.

There is always a younger generation that will cause change and make society into what they think is fair and equitable for all and so further push how we act further toward our ideals.  This strengthens our society and maintains our freedoms.  So definitely thank a veteran today but don’t forget to thank people you see serving our country in other ways as well.


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