You Can Still Complain if you Don’t Vote

ID-10099587Go ahead, try it if you like. Don’t vote tomorrow and then go complain to someone how bad the country is. It can be done. In Fact it is one of your options as a U.S. citizen to use your vote any way you legally wish. You can vote for someone with the best hair, biggest car or  told you to. It is your vote. Actually for all non-presidential elections both republican and democratic parties are comprised of mostly nonvoters.

No one can take your right to complain which is your right to free speech against the government. It is just a stupid thing to say, I know, I used to say it.

Not voting is saying something in itself. It could mean you don’t care or you don’t like anyone among other reasons. It is becoming more and more apparent that democrats and republican candidates do not reflect what the voters want represented, so nonvoting is a necessary option.

So I am not advocating not voting. I am also not advocating voting. I am advocating doing what you want with your vote and then go complain!


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