Perturbed when Pumping

ID-10016007Why in the year 2014 do we still have gas pumps operating with what seems to be 386 processors and some kind of funky DOS operating system? All gas pumps these days are so slow that if you put in your information too fast it will cause an error. But if you swipe your card too slow like just under the speed of sound it cannot read your card. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Then when you get your payment arrangements made with the pump you are asked 50 (or so) questions.

Do you want a car wash? No, I want gas.

Do you want a fuel additive to save your car from sure ruin? No, I want GAS!

Do you want a good deal on nachos and cheese? No you stupid machine I want GAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! (I was actually asked this once)

Do you want to upgrade your fuel to premium? No, for the love of everything holy just give me some gas.

Press button for fuel type and start pumping. Finally, some gas.

Sorry but this pump is now out of service. (This happened to me today, thus this post)



Image courtesy of m_bartosch at


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